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This group is for those curious and open to discussion of The Essenes. Especially for those whose spiritual experience is or has been void of metaphysical teachings such as the angelic realm and healing; and that void has left a contradictory feeling to what our spiritual leaders/books/organizations are teaching. I started this group because I am a "Christian" who does not want to denounce the Bible, the Christian Church, the Jewish church, etc.; but rather, want to research more the truths that prevail when we study the Bible (all versions) and the Lost Books of the Bible and what has been found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and even considering modern teachers such as Edgar Cayce, bringing light to The Essenes. Additionally, as I initially looked for teachers and/or churches, even videos, discussing The Essenes, the personalities and forms of communication that I found came off as fanatical and many of the sources were old, possibly outdated. I am a normal(sort of...ha ha), professional, 49 year old woman. I feel there is a positive, relevant message to be found with The Essenes. I hope to create a safe place for Christians, Jews, healers, metaphysical practictioners, Shamans, etc. to explore this ancient group and hopefully, share a life of peace (inner) in a chaotic world.

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