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Footbiking Regularity Rally Series - Far West Track & Field
Tuesday night footbiking regularity rally (timed trials) for 400 or 800 meters. Test your ability to match timed loops on the track. Minimize the number of points (1 second difference = 1 point) between attempts, best of two or three. Start out fast or slow but you have to maintain consistent effort each attempt. Use lanes 5 and 6 please. Start list for 8 footbikers maximum. I will keep track of timing to tenths of a second. Beginners should start out slower at 400 meters while others can attempt 800 meters at moderate speed. I'll bring my footbikes to show some simple handling techniques to demonstrate balance the first 15 minutes. I can explain the difference between bicycling and footbiking. You can ride around the track or nearby grass field to practice transition from walking, kicking and cruising back to walking. I recommend no more than 15 minutes per person as beginners. The track will help promote smooth efficiency and technique with a minimum of distraction. If you have a footbike you want to rally, show or just ride, please join in.

Murchison Middle School

3700 North Hills Drive · Austin

Respond by: 9/25/2018

What we're about

This Meetup is for anyone with curiosity or interest in large-wheeled adult kick scooters as a bicycle hybrid (more specifically "footbikes") for exercise & exploring trails or your local neighborhood loop. A footbike is a bicycle size scooter that you kick or push forward. There is no seat, so you have to support yourself standing up while kicking. Footbikes are bicycles, but footbiking is not cycling.

Footbiking has less impact than running and isolates each leg with full range of motion. It takes some coordination to switch feet/legs and promotes strength in the standing leg and back muscles. I think it's a perfect compliment for our excellent and growing trail network, exploring neighborhoods and cross training.

A footbike is an adult kick scooter or bicycle hybrid with wheels 12" or greater with brakes front and rear and wheelbase of 33" or greater. I use mine as an alternative workout from running and biking. I can explore trails kicking about 3x the distance walking or running at about half the speed of a pedal bicycle. I do switch feet and mix walking up hills.

Footbiking has changed the way I look at old familiar trails and new places with concrete trails that would make running tough or bicycling too easy. Once going with momentum it's about maintaining speed with good handling & smooth inputs. My usual cruising speed is faster than running, not so intimidating to others sharing the trail. I usually slow down or jump off to mix with walkers or groups when the trail is crowded.

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