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Tuesday Board Gaming!
Come play games with us! We play all sorts of board games, so feel free to bring your own, play what people bring, or grab one from the library over at Tribe. We're in the shopping center with Torchy's and Kerbey Lane in the corner next to Michi Ramen. If you're a gaming veteran, we've got plenty of stuff to play. If you're new to gaming, then come on out and try some new games. We're all super nice and happy to teach the rules. The important thing is that you come out and have some fun! For new folks, note that we normally get 30-40 people coming out each week. If the RSVP list looks like there won't be many people there, go ahead and come out anyway. We get a lot of people that don't sign up on Meetup, so the crowd will probably be bigger than it seems from seeing it here.

Tribe Comics and Games

3005 S. Lamar Blvd. · Austin, TX