• FREE lecture: "The Laws of Karma and Dharma"

    Austin Gnostic Society

    • What we'll do "Karma is a medicine that is applied to us for our own good; unfortunately, people instead of bending down reverently before the living eternal God, protest, blaspheme, they justify themselves, they excuse themselves foolishly and they wash their hands like Pilate. With such protests, Karma is not modified; on the contrary, it becomes harsher and more severe". - Samael Aun Weor Continuing our new block of esoteric topics, we segue from esoteric psychological topics towards cosmic laws. What is Karma? How is it administered? What are the different types of Karma? We learn that Karma is misunderstood in today's terms. Gnostically speaking, we discover that Karma is more about the opportunity for spiritual growth than punitive consequence. Join us as we explore these concepts and more. As always, time will be allocated for questions and answers and we will conclude the evening with a short guided meditation. • What to bring • Important to know