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This group is designed to facilitate networking with like minded individuals and empowering you with knowledge and inspiration from the most knowledgeable health, fitness, and wellness experts making impact in the Austin area.

Enjoy introductions and conversations with like-minded people in an exciting environment ideal for networking. It’s a great chance to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people who are eager to exchange ideas, make connections, explore partnerships, and get to know you.

Whether you have a specific health and fitness goal in mind, or just want to connect with more like-minded individuals, this is the group for YOU!

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Meta Warrior: Personal and Professional Development for Men

The Camp Transformation Center - Round Rock TX


Build Yourself.

Build a Brotherhood.

...And Unlock P.O.W.E.R. and Purpose

As men growing up, we were told to bottle up our emotions, to dominate our competition and save the tears for the weak. Talking about our problems was a burden and we as leaders assert authority through control and harsh measures of accountability.

These masculine social norms were meant to build us up. But as you may have found out, it has teared us down by feeling disconnected from who we truly are. And it turn, we feel separate and misunderstood, as if no one understands the pressure we feel every day to just be.

We are here to change that by offering you a way out.

❌A way out from daily frustrations and anger.

❌A way out from disingenuous, repetitive a dull conversations

❌A way out of the prison you’ve locked yourself in

We’ve been able to cultivate a group of men who feel courageous enough to discover who they truly are. They no longer see vulnerability as weakness, but rather a weapon to show up powerfully and authentically.

And it didn’t come from an online course, or expensive event from some self proclaimed guru that leaves you feeling more isolated with unanswered questions and insecurities.

It came from connection and community.

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