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If you're a parent in the Austin area looking for socialization for your homeschool kids and support as a Learning Coach, then this is the Meetup for you. Humans are naturally social creatures, it's in our DNA, but with virtual alternative education on the rise and a social media obsessed society, combating loneliness and improving communication skills have become the most challenging subject to teach our future generation. This meetup is about general Homeschool SUPPORT - for both the kids and parents regardless of religious affiliation, age, grade or GPA.

This meetup will be about getting our kids, and the parents, out of the house and interacting with other kids and parents in our unique situation. Outings will be planned on weekday afternoons when Homeschoolers can take advantage of the smaller crowds and discounted prices :-). As Learning Coaches, we will make friends and support each other on those particularly challenging days.

As the organizer, I have a teenage son and we are new to Austin. Because it's difficult to find activities for teens, I will be focusing on their social interests mainly. Co-organizers with children of younger ages who can host alternative meetings will be the key to the success of this group. Also, experienced parents who have strengths in certain subjects and are open to tutoring are doubly welcome.

Because this is a meetup with kids, a close up profile photo is required so we can recognize each other at the meetup. Also, if your account has been inactive for over 6 months, you will be ejected from the group for safety purposes but can always rejoin when you're ready to participate again.

Can't wait to meet you all!


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