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FREE try out Kizomba dance Lessons 4 this Meetup members @ Riata Fitness Center

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DANCE U2 Studio, is offering A Free try out Special offer to all members of our " Austin Kizomba Dance Meetup " members.

First Special offer:

A Free try out Kizomba Dance Classes

Second Special offer:

50% Off New year's Special for One month of DANCE U2 Kizomba Dance Classes after you are done with 2 weeks of your Free Kizomba dance classes.

(Our regular fee for one month , 4 weeks of Kizomba Classes is $59 . And with this special offer as a member of this meetup group, if you sign up on your first visit, you would get it for only $29 for 4 weeks of our Kizomba dance classes. )


As Kizomba started growing in 2013 in Austin Texas, Our main Goal is to do all we can to promote Kizomba dancing in Austin as easy and as COMFORTABLE for everyone.

For the Ladies Comfort to be Free to choose the space between them and their partners, while start dancing as a beginners , they can choose either to start learning with either Open embrace which gives them more space with their partners or Close embrace. So Ladies can choose either way that makes them more comfortable and after one or two months taking classes they can decide to change practice from one style to the other when ever they want to try out the other style, they can always switch between two styles of close dance position or embrace. So then ladies don't have to starts learning Kizomba with close embrace if they feel more comfortable with open embrace to start with.

Beginners & Intermediate Level

4:00 - 5:00 pm

Riata Fitness Center


12300 Riata Trace Parkway, Austin TX 78732

Located at RIATA LEASING CENTER parking Lot.

Thanks for Joining Austin Kizomba Dance Meetup.
We are a Free membership meetup so you can Join us for Free and also receive Free try out Kizomba dance Lessons as your welcome bonus for being the member of this meetup group.

As a Member of this Meetup Group, you would also receive free try out dance classes in salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Cha-cha, Country Western Two step, One Step, Country WaltZ, Jitterbug , Swing Dance, and Argentine Tango Dance classes that we are offering at the Clubs, studio, and other places.

You 'll meet the other members of our meetup group in a fun interactive environment where there is no ice breaker needed where you are learning how to connect to dance!!... :)

You don't need to bring a partner since we all rotating and changing partners all the way through the class so at the end of the lesson you'd find your self are already friend with every one in the class since you've been dancing and chatting with them all through the class..!! :)

Free Try out kizomba dance lesson for beginners and intermediate as your First welcome bonus to Austin kizomba meetup members then if you decide to sign up for a month you will get the Second Welcome bonus of 50% off for your First month Kizomba Classes just for joining this meetup group if you sign up for a month at your first try out class visit.