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Free people, competing markets and lawful government

The Austin Liberty Coalition ( group is a Political Action Meetup Calendar and Message Board shared between local Citizen Activist Organizations that place a high value on protecting civil liberties ( Message Board announcements are restricted to originate only from designated organization contacts. This is the activist Coalition to join if you organize any liberty issue task force and want to reach the entire Austin Liberty Coalition activist community with your announcements or event invitations. Likewise if you are a concerned citizen and want to receive liberty news and announcements from the liberty community this is the group to join.

The Austin Liberty Coalition ( Meetup Group in Texas is a loose-knit, coalition of grassroots organizations who originally united around the 2007-2008 Presidential campaign principles of Congressman Ron Paul - the quintessential anti-Washington candidate of our time. The peaceful r3VOLution principles (,_2008#Grassroots_campaign_efforts) drew together diverse and passionate supporters for a moral and limited Federal government that included classic liberal Democrats, fiscally conservative Republicans, Constitutionalists and many Libertarians. Tea parties, among other people's r3VOLution activities were a popular attraction in the campaign and remain so today. Within the coalition, the Texans for Accountable Government organization is leading the way in local political activism.

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