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This is a monthly discussion group that explores a wide range of topics related to the mind, including questions about emotions, thinking, relationships, and consciousness (examples listed below). We meet the first Tuesday evening of the month at Cherrywood Coffeehouse from 7pm to 8:30pm.

The Mind: What is the mind? Does it go beyond the limits of the physical realm? What is the mind-body connection? Does the mind evolve over the course of the lifespan? What happens in/to our minds when we learn or interact with others?

Emotions: What purposes do our emotions serve? What is the relationship between logic and emotion? If we could change our emotional system to improve it somehow, what would we change?

Relationships: How do you define a good or "healthy" relationship? What purposes do relationships serve, beyond survival and reproduction? When developing new relationships, what factors influence our preference for certain people over others?

Thinking: How do people make decisions? What do you imagine is happening inside the brain when we think about something? How much control do we have over our thoughts and choices? How and why do people form patterns of thinking (and behavior)?

Consciousness: What is consciousness and where does it come from? Why are humans drawn toward altering their states of consciousness? What happens to our minds when we sleep, and when we dream?

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