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The INDOOR Speedlight Short Course

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This is the indoor version of the Speedlight Short Course. In this workshop, we cover different information than the outdoor version.

We've held this event several times and each time people were surprised how easy it is to dramatically change their flash photography. People have come back after using this technique in the field and have had great results. The following is the full description of the information we'll be covering.

Many of you have digital SLR's and have decided to get a speedlight - the external flash that attaches to your camera's hot shoe. You've probably tried to use it but haven't quite achieved the results you hoped. Perplexed, you consider all kinds of little photography gadgets - diffusers, domes - but still the images look like "flash" images. You've probably seen photographers using speedlights at events such as weddings but their images look so much better. You've heard that these photographers are "dialed in" but you're still unsure of the settings you should use. Let's change all that! In this two-hour short course, you'll get on-track with using your camera indoors with your speedlight on your camera and learn how to get great results. Specifically, you'll learn how to make your photos look like you were using a large, off-camera light!

For this workshop, there will be no models, no fancy studio strobes, no fancy sets or backdrops, no speedlights mounted off-camera with fancy transmitters and umbrellas and no diffusion domes or gadgets. Instead, we'll review camera settings and speedlight settings using a specific non-intuitive technique to get your images looking amazing. It's all very simple and, once you get the hang of it, your images will look better than ever! You'll need to bring your camera and TTL speedlight. Instead of using models, we'll be shooting one another using these new techniques so be prepared to shoot, learn, have fun and say "cheese!"