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As humans we use plants everyday to make our lives better. The food that we eat is plant based, regardless of the diet that we choose. There are certain plants that can be guides to show us more about our lives, our past and what things stand in the way of what we really want. Many of these plants come from the Amazon rainforest and have been used in ceremonies by indigenous people for a very long time.

The western world is waking up to how these plants can be used to clear negative thoughts and energies that effect our well being. If your interested in learning more about how plant medicines and ceremonies can be used to create greater ease and clarity in your life, come join one of our events.

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Plant Medicine Journeys with Chris Douglas

Orange Coworking

Plano, TX - Plant Medicine Talk with Chris Douglas

Whole Body Chiropractic

Austin, TX - Plant Medicine Talk with Chris Douglas

Fibercove Coworking


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