Meditation and Healing for Balance and Stress Relief in Round Rock, TX

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Every week on Monday

Endeavor Physical Therapy

896 Summit St Suite 102 · Round Rock

How to find us

Enter the buildings main door (the clinic is held in an office) and is the first door on the left, suite 102.

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Welcome to the Round Rock Pranic Healing community! We love to meet new people and have a relaxed, fun time!

Each session consists of:
1. A short introduction of each person in attendance.
2. A short introduction about Pranic Healing.
3. Gentle exercises to prepare our bodies for meditation.
4. Group meditation - the meditations sometimes vary from week to week.
5. Optional pro bono healing sessions by trained Pranic Healers. Staying for a pro bono healing session is optional and it is completely ok to come just for the mediation.

Please wear clothing you are able to relax in. This event gratefully accepts donations to pay for the space we rent and to provide scholarships for those interested in attending Pranic Healing Events.

More information about Pranic Healing can be found at: Log in for free video streams, meditations, and information. Here you can find a list of Pranic Healing classes, information about what each class covers, as well as live streams. Free Meditation Twin Hearts video
Free Forgiveness Mediation