Austin Dog Zone- Reactive Dog Walking Meetup


Our June Meetup starts at 9 am. ALL dogs must be approved by an evaluation prior to participating in our Meetup.

We meet at the West Pickle Research Building at 3925 W, Braker Ln., located at the intersection of MOPAC and Braker Ln.

Visitor parking is on the south side of the building in Lot F. All other lots require a UT Parking Permit. You’ll need to get a Daily Permit from the Pay and Display Station in Lot F and put it on your windshield. The cost is $4. The Pay and Display station takes credit/debit cards as well as cash (it accepts both $1 and $5 bills, but doesn’t give change).

Please bring poop-bags so that we can leave the premises clean, as it is the only condition the building concierge asks of us.

Bring delicious treats for your dog. High value treats include hot dogs, chicken, cheese, freeze-dried liver

Let's work together to help our dogs overcome their reactivity in a safe environment. Please keep all dogs at a comfortable distance from one another. Karin will provide guidance and instruction. Only one dog per handler and all dogs must be assessed at a private consultation before joining for the safety of everyone. Thank you!