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Meet up for exuberant grassroots politicking! Promote awareness of Ron Paul's 2012 Presidential Campaign! We aim to grow the largest, most active Ron Paul for President Meetup in the nation! Jump right in! Bring your friends!

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veterans and military, police and security -- please sign online petition

Please sign an on-line petition to stop the TSA naked body radiation scanners and TSA groping agents. We are now in a desperate fight at our airport, as they have just now installed the scanners. http://stopaustinscan... (http://stopaustinscanners.org/2011/11/the-central-texas-posse-is-ready-to-ride/)

ONGOING EVENT: Phone Banking
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From the Comforts of Your Home

We are developing a National Grassroots Ron Paul Phone Banking Network. We are asking you to join us in what will turn out to be ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TACTICS DEPLOYED BY OUR GRASSROOTS EFFORTS TO WIN IOWA AND THE EARLY PRIMARY STATES. We need you to join the Phone Banking program and be an active supporter in your region by spreading this information into your social media pipeline and recruit more people to get involved! The process is painless, scripted, and can be done with a phone and computer ANYWHERE AND IS A VERY EASY PROCESS. Ridiculously simple to do. THIS THE LINK TO SIGN UP: http://phone.ronpaul2... (http://phone.ronpaul2012.com/v/login.php?return_url=%2Fv%2F) "Besides contributing financially, there’s literally NOTHING you can do to help my campaign more. It was our Phone From Home program that helped lead to my historic finish in the Iowa Straw Poll.That’s why I’m personally asking you to help me achieve VICTORY in key early primary and caucus states by signing up to Phone From Home."- Dr. Ron Paul For those that have not joined yet, I just want to let you know that everything is scripted. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the website, and read the script. Once you sign up you will see just how incredibly easy it is. The system is all about leveraging technology and Ron Paul's truly dedicated supporters to our advantage. The system will even automatically leave voice messages for you with the click of a button. Make sure to read the FAQ. The key is signing up in the first place and getting started, so just do it! JOIN UP, MAKE CALLS, COPY AND PASTE AND SPREAD THIS MESSAGE TO ALL RON PAUL FANS EVERYWHERE, ANY QUESTIONS AND WAR STORIES CAN BE TOLD AND FOUND AT THIS GROUP PAGE http://www.facebook.c... (http://www.facebook.com/groups/phonefromhome/)

Funding Super brochure mailings
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I funded mailings to an entire precinct in Iowa prior to the straw poll via this group: http://www.ronpaulbro... (http://www.ronpaulbrochure.com/) I feel like they're legit. I got their website via Daily Paul (http://www.dailypaul.... (http://www.dailypaul.com/links)) Grassroots Directory (http://www.ronpauldir... (http://www.ronpauldirectory.com/links-page.html)) . I suggest we target super voters via this method. At least you know exactly where your money is going. :-)

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