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Sharpen up your Ruby programming and design skills with the Austin Ruby Programming Study Group at the beautiful Central Library in Downtown Austin. Hacking, exploring subjects, white boarding, code reviewing, group coding, exercises, practice, and conversations. Design principles, design patterns, library development, testing, shipping, engineering. Bring questions. Beginners and experts.

This group conforms to the Eventide Community Protocols (https://github.com/eventide-project/contributor-assets/blob/master/protocols/generalized-community-protocols.md).

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Lessons Learned Converting a Massive Rails Monolith to Small Ruby Services

Austin Central Library, Austin Public Library

The conversion of a tightly-coupled, ORM-based implementation to a set of tightly-focused, self-contained autonomous services can come with a number of challenges. There's no shortage of talks and blog posts about how a team tried to convert their monolithic application into services only to find that they'd ended up creating an equally difficult problem, just with a different architecture. This session outlines the lessons learned from a project that successfully navigates the common pitfalls that these kinds of projects can become mired in, and discusses the architectural style used to make it easier to do so. The topics will range from basic service architecture concepts like Service Autonomy, and will cover specific implementation details like Pub/Sub, log-structured storage, event streams, and event sourcing. Testing and operations will also be discussed. The study group meetups are highly-interactive and participatory gatherings of developers exploring software development and design through the lens of Ruby. There are no slide decks. There are no speakers. There are only questions and the desire to explore them. Antoine Leclercq from LiveRamp in New York will be facilitating the discussion. Space is very limited. Please be considerate to your fellow developers and don't reserve a seat with an RSVP if you are only a "maybe". And please release your reservation if you can't make it. This group conforms to the Eventide Community Protocols. See: https://github.com/eventide-project/contributor-assets/blob/master/protocols/generalized-community-protocols.md

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Design Principles, Design Qualities, SOLID, and More!

Austin Central Library, Austin Public Library

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