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Would you like to have a Shaman help you understand what Shamanism is, how to use it, and independently heal with it? Through the lens of an elevated perspective, move your self forward with some elegance and grace in your own growth and transformation? The proof is in the pudding.

This is not a "practice" where you can go back to the old way of being without noticing immediately. Have you ever had the idea, that everything currently out there is so limited, that there must be more? Do you have the willingness and bold attitude needed to surrogate a new spirituality? Do you desire to learn a cutting edge philosophy, use it in your daily experience and have an Urban Shaman to bounce your experience off of him as a catalyst to powerfully supersede yourself in your daily life?

This is an opportunity to come and learn a new philosophy of spirituality that promises to answer every question about who you are, why you are here, and how to live vibrantly through your own self-authored experience. There is no dogma with this structure. We are at a proverbial standstill in our evolution as humans.

As a society we are at a pinnacle of development that only a Spiritual Adult can step off of powerfully. We are currently inhibited by the belief's We hold around, "what it is to be an adult". Not the adolescent nor the child belief's so many are expressing, (notice the news and politics, looks like a terrible day in high-school). These lesser aspects do not have the capacity to supersede ourselves, we are limited by them.

In pursuit of this philosophy, it promises a level of character and integrity, lifts entrepreneurship, as well as Self Authorship, reminiscent of a previously (only idealized) version of Texas, and what it means to be a Texan.

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