Digital Innovations and Challenges in FinTech & Financial Services


Digital Innovations and Challenges in FinTech & Financial Services
Financial services institutions are capitalizing on digital transformation to enhance the efficiency of existing systems, and provide competitive conveniences for customers.

However, adoption of disruptive and emerging technologies is not a seamless transition. Institutions must undergo structural reforms across internal and external processes and systems, while remaining compliant with changing regulations and customer demands.

In this session, attendees will learn how a panel of seasoned technology executives are driving the financial industry forward with digital transformation.

Attendees will learn:
• How emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning and blockchain are transforming financial institutions.
• The criteria to evaluate whether a financial services firm is ready for disruption.
• The processes and structural reforms needed prior to adopting new technology.
• How to properly evaluate third party platforms and integrations.
• The types of scalable, progressive systems and platforms that comply with regulatory and customer demand.

5:30-6:00pm Networking
6:00-6:45pm Panel Discussion
6:45-7:15pm Q&A Session, Networking

CTOs, technology leaders, engineering managers, aspiring CTOs, and young professionals.

• Expand your knowledge and find solutions to key issues.
• Meet new people and expand your professional network.
• Regain your focus and find inspiration with like-minded people.
• Learn new ideas and techniques, strategies that work.
• Get advice from panelists and other audience members.
• Share best practices with audience members.


- John Waupsh (Chief Innovation Officer, Kasasa)

- Michael Hernandez (Chief Data Officer, Texas Mutual Insurance Company)

- Chris Weldon (CEO/Founder of Corner4)

- Will Simpson (Head of Engineering, Keller Williams)

- Theo (Ted) Fifelski (Product Strategy, Global Payments, Inc.)


- Igor Meltser (VP of Global Technology Solutions and Services, Sphere Software)

The event is free, but the number of seats is limited, register now to reserve your seat.