RAPGOD and IoT: How sensors, NLP, and fire rhymes are part of the same space.



11800 Domain Drive · Austin, TX

How to find us

Parking at the Domain is open in the Blue Parking Garage (levels P3 and above) south of the HomeAway office. There is a bridge on P3 that will take you to the HomeAway lobby.

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6:30 - Food and drinks
7:00 - IoT Data Collection with the TICK Stack
7:45 - Can my computer be creative?
8:30 - End
More food and drinks and chat!

IoT Data Collection with the TICK Stack:
According to the NCTA, there will be 50 billion IoT devices by the year 2020; in our homes, in our cars, in the spaces we live, in power plants, and in factories, outputting data from sensor readings and about their own operational state. In this talk, we’ll go over some of the requirements and architectures for IoT data and how it is collected, stored, and analyzed.

The talk will conclude with a working example of an IoT collection and analysis pipeline using (mostly) open source tools.

About the Speaker:
Noah is a Developer Evangelist at InfluxData, focused on DevOps with a dash of IoT. He has worked as a systems administrator, audio engineer, production coordinator for an animation studio, and as a software developer building DevOps tools. Noah holds a master’s degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, where he focused on augmented reality, physical computing, and interaction design.

Can my computer be creative?:

What can we learn from creative algorithms?

A shallow dive through some of the deep NLP techniques we use at SecondBrain.ai and how these techniques can inspire creative problem solving across domains with a focus on time series data
Bring as many guests as you want.

About the Speaker:

Steven Wilkinson is the Founder & CEO of SecondBrain.ai // RAPGOD.ai

Steven taught his computer to rap. He started leading large scale data science projects in the insurance industry in 2002. Since 2014 he's been singularly focused on building and sharing creative ai to empower human expression.

Steven Wilkinson is the Founder and CEO of SecondBrain.ai. SecondBrain builds intelligent language tools to improve human communication by letting people focus on what they want to say rather than how they need to say it. SecondBrain built RAPGOD.ai, an intelligent lyric writing partner, designed to showcase their approach to ai-driven language synthesis. SecondBrain graduated from Techstars Music in 2018.

Communication is hard. Your secondbrain can help.

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