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Looking to expand your horizons with your kids? Are they stuck in a friend rut, hanging out with the same kids or do they only know their friends by their screen names? Did playing video games go from an incentive for them to an expectation from them? Are you no longer cool in their eyes? Do you need to plan something fun, just so they will agree to hang out with you? If so, welcome to parenting a tween or teen in today’s America.

It is time to get both of you out of the comfort zone and be surrounded by other families struggling to connect with their tweens and teens for some fun, while everyone is still young. Our kids will put down their screens, make new friends and maybe even find new interests. Parents can reminisce about the good, old days where playing outside, building clubs houses, cruising Main Street, going to arcades, and hanging out at the mall were how you connected with the outside world.

As this group grows, we will have lake activities, game and trivia nights, field sports, bike rides or runs, pot lucks, bowling, extreme sports, symphony outings, volunteering, cooking competitions, and other activities. Game nights and/or other friendly competitions will put families together as teams to naturally foster comradeship and will serve as family bonding time, all while making new friends!

Come join us for one or more of the events that interest you. As with anything, you get out of it what you put into it. The more you come, the more you will love it. Hope to see you, soon!

Any person, under the age of 18, present at a Meetup must be supervised and accompanied by an adult guardian.

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