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Austin UXPA is a local chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) (http://uxpa.org/). We are a non-profit, volunteer-run 503(c) charity with the goal of providing educational and networking events for user experience designers, researchers, information architects and developers.

We generally meet the first Tuesday of the month in Austin, but the location varies.

2019 Officers and Board of Directors
President: Donna Habersaat
Vice-President: Cheenu Chari
Financial Officer: Danielle Mudle
Secretary: Ellen Lazaretti
Directors of Communication: Sebastian Maldonado, Ajia Leilani Wallace
Directors of Membership: Meg Nidever, Yoomi Cha
Directors of Events & Programs: Bart Renner, Kristin Sullivan, Jami Peets, Stephanie Schuhmacher
Directors of Sonsorship & Outreach: Harish Raghuraman, Ravindra Papineni
Directors of Mentorship & Career Development: Georgette Sullivan, Jared (JJ) Rogers
Directors of Educational Communities: Tim Sandfort, Rebecca Wood-Spagnoli

Advisory members include: Lawrence Najjar, Reyda Taylor, Kate Moon, Lori Lopez, Kailyn Lim, Larissa Bemis, Andrea Beaumont.

Have a question or want to speak at a meeting? Contact a board member by clicking on the Organizers (http://www.meetup.com/Austin-User-Experience-Professionals-Association/members/?op=leaders) area or email us at austinuxpa (at) gmail.com.

Join the conversation through our slack channel (https://join.slack.com/t/uxpa-austin/shared_invite/enQtMzYwNjI5MTkxNjk4LWZkNTc1NjlhNTQxMGQ2MTQ2MmZmMjgyMTY4NjE2Yjc4Y2RjNWVmMjgzY2FhZTgwYWMwZGM1ZWJkNzZhZDFiZmM) where we post jobs, information about our events, and share UX resources.

Membership is completely free, but donations keep the Meetup site running and help us put on awesome events! We graciously accept donations through Paypal (https://www.paypal.me/austinuxpa), or contact Danielle Mundle, treasurer, through Meetup DM.

Austin UXPA Bylaws: http://tinyurl.com/yyzvp7vx Please reach out to Ellen Lazaretti for questions.

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Customer Experience Indexes: A Tool for Gaining Empathy, Insights & Alignment

Speaker bio: Jeff Patton is a graduate from Austin Center for Design and has been designing digital infrastructure and IT support tools at Rackspace for nearly 4 years. He enjoys diving into messy problems and finding ways to visualize solutions; he believes the more complex the problem, the more it requires visuals to create a story that people can understand & align behind. He finds the Customer Experience Index to be a unique tool for doing just that. Summary: We will review the Customer Experience Index (CEI) process used at Rackspace and the ways it can be used to increase understanding, create a standardized way of judging experiences, benchmark experiences to track improvements and gain alignment across business units. We will cover: - When best to use a CEI - The process of creating a CEI - Ways to leverage a CEI - How to use the CEI to track improvements

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