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What we’re about

We do free classes on the arduino, web development, and whatever else we can get into. All classes are about you having fun and learning how to build cool stuff. I love this stuff and I just want to share the love. So don't worry about your experience level come on down and take a class and have fun. All classes are free but we do take donations to help us pay for electronic parts, we also take leds, arduino boards that work, raspberry pi, etc. 

We also want to eventually do some outreach to the community. I love to start a program to help younger people learn how to build electronics. I am thinking we could help start a high school or middle school club. I would also love to have charity based hack a thons, I think we could team up with a lot of good people and do a look of good. I love to get a good group together to start positively impacting the community. 

PS I want to have find the can robot competitions and battle bot competitions as well.