What we're about

PURPOSE: Sharing compassionate based lifestyles via epic live & broadcast virtual streaming events exploring Yoga, High-Vibe Entertainment, & Social Impact; honoring Kindness and Healthy activities. Meaningful engagements & real relationships.
WHO should join? EVERYONE! A BETTER future, our legacy, depends on our actions NOW, and by BEING the example, the spokespersons of Compassionate lifestyles, not only will our lives be transformed, but those around us too!
WHAT do we do at events? HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER with like minded folks streaming the dream; awoke!
All levels, stretch 'Yoga flow', and drop in to masterfully conducted Sound Vibrational healing meditations, Blissful Breath work, indulge in the finest 'Cacao herbal' infused elixirs', honoring the nutrient rich compound in Ceremony, 'judgement free' Ecstatic Dance FUN movement.
Encourage REAL human interactions. Meet in REAL life. YES!
Community transformational experiences, while recognizing notable Social Impact organizations, and opportunity for engagements.
Savor non-alcoholic delicious, exotic wellness elixirs, teas, “Elixirs” Cannabinoid mocktails & tasty delights.

Do you have a high vibe gift, talent, charitable group or a suitable venue suggestion? Bring it on! Contact organizers, let's develop together.
Learn. Grow. Explore. Expand. BEING YOU!
THIS is Y.E.S. Fest LIVE!
...helping people live fuller, happier lives with others and helping the growth of strong, healthy communities. NOW!
Join the party! Share now... AND YES PLEASE!

Massive Mahaloz', grateful Love to AMMA Healing CBD, 3rd Eye Tonic, Richard's Rainwater, Calvin Cates, Michael Hodson OnlyInVR & Sylvia Scalzi Huntsman for all the supporting partnership.

Not in Austin? Stream the dream from the best seat in the hose, YOURS!

https://yesfestlive.live (https://mailtrack.io/trace/link/b8c28f2a96b73f3c9f2c2580a45753a7a57afdc2?url=https%3A%2F%2Fyesfestlive.live&userId=3205542&signature=2686254ae0f2e730) Join us virtually!

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