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This meetup group will announce special events and activities held at the Austin Zen Center. Established in 2000, AZC was founded to carry on the warm-hearted teaching of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, as recorded in Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. Suzuki Roshi's teaching follows the Soto Zen tradition brought from China to Japan in the thirteenth century by Zen master Eihei Dogen. The Soto school of Zen has all the formality and discipline of other schools of Zen, but is particularly characterized by its patient and tender-hearted approach to practice. Austin Zen Center offers many opportunities to practice the wisdom and compassion of Zen Buddhism in the heart of Texas, including daily meditation (zazen), services, work practice, Dharma talks, classes and workshops, silent retreats, as well as opportunities to discuss your Zen practice with a teacher and be a part of our growing sangha.

Anyone interested in finding out more about Zen practice is encouraged to give us a visit!

Find out more about us at www.austinzencenter.org. (http://www.austinzencenter.org)

Upcoming events (4+)

AZC Online Zendo - Saturday Services

Needs a location

Our regular Saturday Morning Program is being moved online during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Please note the earlier than usual time of 10:00 am instead of 10:15 am, and please observe the Forms & Etiquette of our Online Zendo to help foster a harmonious and calming atmosphere for all participants. To enter the AZC Online Zendo, see instructions below.

Austin Zen Center invites you to the Saturday Morning Program in the Online Zendo:

Time: Saturdays from 8 AM-12 PM CST (repeats weekly on Saturdays)


8:00 – 8:30 am Zazen

8:30 – 8:40 am Kinhin

8:40 – 9:05 am Zazen

9:05 – 9:15 am

9:15 – 9:50 am Zazen

9:50 – 10:00 am Break

10:00 – 10:45 am Dharma Talk

10:45 – 12:00 pm Announcements/Q&A/virtual Tea & Cookies

Visit https://austinzencenter.org/join-the-azc-online-zendo/ for more information and for the link to Zoom

Online Beginners’ Meditation Instruction

Needs a location

The easiest way to familiarize yourself with the Austin Zen Center and our core practice is to start by attending the Beginners’ Class held on Saturdays from 8:00–9:00am. This event, while usually held in the zendo (meditation hall) in the main building at 3014 Washington Square, will be held in our newly formed Online Zendo. Participants will be given meditation instruction (the core practice of Zen Buddhism), a general orientation to the Center (as much as possible), and an opportunity to ask questions about Zen practice in general as well as the Austin Zen Center.

All participants are invited to join the Saturday Morning Program immediately after the Beginner’s class, which includes zazen, chanting service, and Dharma talk followed by conversation. While AZC is committed to offering the Saturday Morning Program, weekly periods of zazen, and study/discussion groups free-of-charge, we actively encourage (and rely upon) the generous support of guests, members, and supporters through general donations and membership pledges. The suggested donation for Beginners’ Instruction is $15.

Please visit https://austinzencenter.org/beginners-meditation-instruction-online/ to register

Sunday Work-Practice in the Garden

Austin Zen Center

Sundays in the Garden

Join us on Sunday mornings from 8-10 for the opportunity to engage in (mostly) silent work-practice in the beautiful Austin Zen Center garden, led by long-term practitioner Sherry Mason! Garden activities may include pruning, digging, planting, mulching, raking, path-maintenance and more general clean-up.

Please note that we ask everyone to wear a mask and keep socially distanced, whether vaccinated or not!

“Rolling up the sleeves is Actualizing the Way”

Women's Circle

Austin Zen Center

You are invited to join us to form a Women’s circle of mutual support, mutual empowerment and for encouragement to explore new pathways of entering this world of ours. While this group is for any woman who wants to explore her femininity in the new light of Affidamento (a philosophical impulse from Italian feminists that invites mutual reliance among women) as well as South Asian, tantric buddhist understanding of the feminine. While this circle invites female companionship, it also offers ways to deepen our Buddhist understanding of the Mahayana approach to being a helpful and wise person in this world.

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