This meetup group will be cancelled August 5, 2019

eBay Poshmark Facebook Sellers - Austin Texas
eBay Poshmark Facebook Sellers - Austin Texas
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It's time to say Good-bye. There hasn't been much interaction in the past year. Everything seems to happen on Facebook. Not worth paying $200 a years to keep this meetup active. I lost my interest in eBay due to eBay's treatment of sellers. I still love thrifting and selling online. Poshmark is my new passion. If you want to stay in touch and get together and exchange ideas or simply want to vent or need motivation to list your deathpiles, join us in our facebook group. Open to all greater Austin area Poshers and Thrifters. We organize Posh N Sip events throughout the year. We also share our closets and get together for fun days of sourcing at the Goodwill bins. Hope to see many of you there. I will cancel meetup on August 5, 2019. Best wishes to everybody and lots of success selling online. Regards, Sabrina and Sabine

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