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• What is Energy Healing and Can anyone learn to do Energy Healing? YES!

• What is A Lightworker?

• Do YOU want to present and have an event? Here are the easy steps :-)

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Our Mission Statement

We Provide a safe, enjoyable, vibrant, informative, gossip-free, respectful and supportive meeting of like minded, like hearted(is that a word?) people. So everyone can have fun, learn, practice and experience energy healing techniques, network and share resources.

Energy Healing Is Now More And More Available In As An Alternative Health Option. A Friend Of Mine Has A Paid Position Offering Reiki In A Hospital, And Energy Healing Is Now More Mainstream Than Ever! Some New Alternative Health Modalities Are A Mixture Of Energy Healing And Other Applications.

We Are An Interacting Population Of Various Kinds Of People In A Common Location With Common Interests In Energy Healing And Alternative Health .

We Are A Social Community Sharing Common Characteristics, Interests, Sharing And Participation In Energy Healing And Alternative Health.

We Are Supporting Each Other With Distance Healing If You Choose.

What is Energy Healing and Can anyone learn to do Energy Healing? YES!

Energy Healing Addresses the 'subtle energy body' that governs the physical body.

Energy Healing Works directly with the emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual dimensions of this energy body, the healer affects the healing and release of blocked and distorted energy patterns, enabling the innate intelligence to operate freely, restoring physical, mental, energetic emotional and spiritual health.

Energy Healing is Truly a mind-heart-body discipline, Energy Healing accelerates personal growth.

We all have the ability to carry these new frequencies of healing.

It's not a gift for a few chosen people! gurus or "holy" (by general consensus) people.

It's a gift of this time; the intelligence and wisdom we need to guide us is already in place.

These frequencies and abilities are both old and new.

They are "old" because they are of the universe.

They are "new" because this is the first time that some of them have been on the planet.

They are not something that someone's friend at the beach has been "ohming" in for 15 years nor are they some lost technique of an old or ancient people.

Some are believed to be frequencies and abilities that we are experiencing to create the earth as a better place for the very first time.

What is A Lightworker

is a spiritually inspired person who has incarnated to Earth to bring spiritual awakening to Humanity.

Through their special skills they are able to inspire others to seek out their own psychic abilities and follow a spiritual path.

A lightworker is aligned with the divine will, cultivates universal love, and holds a higher light quotient.

Do YOU want to present and have an event? Here are the easy steps :-)

These Easy Steps

Call me at FIVE ONE TWO NINE FOUR SEVEN ONE ZERO THREE THREE so we can do it over the phone or email me from my organizer profile: Organizer:Rev. Michael Zarchian following the required directions below.
Email your event information to Rev. Michael Zarchian to be posted on our calendar. The EventInformation Required is listed below.

Click here to email zar Event Information (https://www.meetup.com/Austin-Life-Changed-Energy-Alternative-Healing/message/?recipientId=3750262) https://www.meetup.com/Austin-Life-Changed-Energy-Alternative-Healing/message/?recipientId=3750262

Your Required Event Information:

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The more ways members can contact you the better.

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What Should We Do?:

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YOU Select a place:

Location(s) Names, Full addresses with zipcode, Telephone Numbers so members can confirm.

Is the place Conference call? Webinar? Skype?

Then give all of the information they need to get on the Conference call, Webinar, Skype.

Are you Looking for a member to offer a location in exchange for them participating for FREE or some other agreement?

Here is Teleconference Call Document how to set one up: Click Here to easily set one up. (http://files.meetup.com/382919/How%20to%20easily%20set%20up%20your%20Meetup%20Teleconference%20Calls.pdf)

How to find YOU(REQUIRED) :

How will they be able to find YOU at event location(s)? Give your cell phone #, what you will be wearing, a Meetup sign you can have.

How much are you charging?:

Can they pay by Paypal? (if so list your paypal email address) Special Offer for members?What are your policies for: Refunds? Cancellations? Postponements?

Is there a limit to number of attendees?:

What is the maximum number of people who can attend. What is the date you are closing Sign ups?

Donate to our community via paypal, cash or check as much as you want. The price of a cup of coffee - $7 can assist a lot!

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