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What is Local Multiplayer you ask? Basically, its when a game is played by two or more people in the same physical location.

Memories of old school console games like Bomberman, Mario Kart, Street Fighter, Power Stone, Chu Chu Rocket, Bubble Bobble, and Goldeneye (No OddJobs!) should be producing tears of joy.

For us hardcore Millennial PC gamers, let's fondly remember the Age of LAN parties where we spent hours transporting, comparing hardware, wiring, and configuring IP addresses to play all night sessions of CounterStrike (Pre-Sierra), Total Annihilation, Great Citizen Kabuto, and X-Wing Alliance.

Don't forget the Xbox LAN partiers playing 16-player Halo: Combat Evolved, arguing about who gets to be 1st player on the nice 27" CRT and who gets the crappy MadCatz controller with the soft B button.

Now let's all give a moment of silence to those great gaming moments, those that have been replaced by impersonal and presence-less online gameplay of Call of Duty, Battlefield and ….

WAIT A MINUTE! Why do we have forget about these games and local multiplayer gameplay???

It’s time to get together, fire up some Consoles and PCs and play some games together! Old School, New School, Indie, Not-Indie, who cares, the point of this group is to get together and enjoy some local multiplayer gaming, complete with elbows, crap-talking, and the occasional Project Justice tournament.

P.S. If we get enough interest, I would like to get some local indie game studios to showcase their games (local multiplayer of course), go check out conventions and local events as a group!

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