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Care about the health and happiness of your family (and yourself)? Or course you do!
It's no secret that over the past couple of decades the rates of all kinds of diseases (think diabetes, heart disease, cancer), mental health issues (think depression, anxiety, ADD), and issues with weight gain have increased dramatically for people of all ages in the US and many other parts of the world. Why is this? How can we prevent these issues as caring parents or reverse these issues if they have already reared their ugly heads? While a doctor may tell you that there's nothing you can do other than take a medication for the rest of your life, you know that there has to be a better way. In this meetup we will discover what's at the root of these issues and how to correct them with easy lifestyle changes so that you can take back your family's health and vitality once and for all and help spread the news of how to lead a healthy life to those you love. The main topic we will explore is diet and how eating a Standard American Diet or "SAD" diet is likely responsible for the majority of health problems we face as a country today. If you or your family experience any of the following issues, or if you are already interested in health and wellness and want to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals, please attend one of our meetups to learn more:
-Anger issues
-Anxiety issues
-Difficulties learning or focusing
-Weight Gain
-Chronic Fatigue
-Joint pain
-Problems Sleeping
-Heart Disease
-Skin Issues
-Autoimmune Disease

The purpose of this Meetup is to create a thriving community of people interested in health that get together to share ideas and support each other. Meetups will consist of: walking/hiking together, group meals, documentary viewings, and a book club. As a member, you are free to attend any or all of these different gatherings that interest you. :)

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