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Gnosis Course In Perth

A journey of transformation

You are invited to take part in a course in Gnosis for personal development, enlightenment and transformation. Partly done at home and partly in a group setting, you will enjoy this exploration of Alchemy as a “Science of Soul”.

Why has this Gnosis course been provided? The phenomenal success of Dan Brown's book, The Lost Symbol, has exposed a global thirst for learning about the theory and practice of Gnosis and the Ancient Mysteries of Life and Death. Aside from curiosity, however, many wonder whether Gnosis has the power to transform and if it can be applied in today’s sophisticated world. To decide whether it is going to useful for the individual, it is worth considering its true purpose.

What is the purpose of Gnosis? Reflecting on Gnosis’s role through history, we find its ultimate goal was the achievement of spiritual perfection.

How to use Gnosis for personal development. In this group, we apply the ancient system and practice of Gnosis to deliberately and systematically work towards individual personal development, transformation and spiritual awakening. We have access to magnificent works, programs and individuals to help us on our way.

The motivation for studying any spiritual modality is to experience change and development leading to inner transformation and enlightenment.

For those seeking such study there is often an altruistic interest beyond themselves, usually to bring about an end to suffering, whether psychological emotional or physical. They may also have a desire to help Planet Earth become a better place.

The Gnosis program’s purpose. The aim is to move physically, psychologically and spiritually to a higher level of Being. Group participants will be provided with information and training leading to an enriched life within each participant.

The program runs for 18 months and encompasses an explanation of esoteric cosmology (the why of and way things are), as well as comprehensive training in applying the actual tools and techniques that are crucial in the “how” of transformation.

Each part is laid out progressively in a gentle and respectful way, giving time for the process of embodiment to happen. Through taking care and time to anchor each aspect of the program, lasting benefits are achieved.

Brief Outline Of The Program.

The first part of 33 weeks will encompass:

An Introductory Section.

The Fundamentals Of Esoteric Psychology.

The Fundamentals Of The Awakening Of Consciousness.

The Universal Laws.

The Origin Of Man.

An Exploration Of Creation From An Esoteric Point Of View.

The Use And Expansion Of The Psyche, Consciousness And Life Forces.

The Era Of Aquarius And Its Foundation.

The Preparation For The Practice Of The Great Work. (This is where we put theory into practice and actually bring the process to life)

The next section will last for 6 months and will encompass all aspects of the science and practice of meditation, investigating all aspects of concentration, breathe work and chakras.

Following this is the establishing of the fundamentals of advanced practice, the purpose of which is to place one into the actual process of spiritual awakening. Once this process has come to life and become established one may be invited to join an advanced practitioners group.

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