Auth0 Online Meetup #2 - Don’t Throw Away that AngularJS Codebase Just Yet!

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If you're like me, you've written a lot of AngularJS code in the past and still have a few applications running in production. Angular 2+ is superior to AngularJS in almost every way, but it's conventions are so different that it might as well be a completely different framework and the upgrade path may not be clear. Before you throw away all your existing AngularJS code, listen and watch as Sam Julien walks you through upgrading your existing AngularJS applications to the latest version of Angular!

The theme of this Auth0 Online Meetup is upgradability and maintainability. We all want to work on the latest and greatest frameworks as soon as they are released, but often the reality of the situation is that applications we've already written can be upgraded so we're not starting from scratch every single time. Our guest speaker for this meetup has a thing or two to say about maintainability and getting the most out of code you've already written.

Title: Upgrade Your AngularJS Authentication to Angular

Description: You're in the middle of an ngUpgrade, but you've hit a roadblock. What are you supposed to do about your authentication? Your AngularJS app uses a token service and then attaches that token to a header on every outgoing request to your API. Let's learn how to do that in Angular with HttpClient! We'll use Auth0 in this talk, but the principles will apply to other token providers like Microsoft Identity Server.

Speaker: Sam Julien
Sam is an Angular teacher, consultant and the founder of the comprehensive video course . He's also the co-organizer of Angular Portland. When he's not coding, you'll find him backpacking and hiking like a good Oregonian.

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