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Welcome! We are a community passionate about the enjoyment, fun, and personal growth that comes from exploring and experiencing "authentic relating". What is "authentic relating"? - There's no right way (no cookie-cutter mold) that relating is supposed to be. - Being present while intending to let go of "image control" and superficial interactions - Celebrating whatever arises - Allowing ourselves to "mess up" - Intending to cultivate even just 1% more connection, transparency, and aliveness in our interactions - And even in that, remembering that being authentic all the time is (paradoxically) counter to our true nature! Authentic Ann Arbor is a rapidly growing community dedicated to bringing more authenticity, openness, and connection to the city, and the world at large. NOTE: Authentic Ann Arbor is inspired by the community AuthenticWorld based and founded in San Francisco, CA. ============================= Use this group to stay up to date with future relating-games nights and similar happenings. Once you attend a Games Night, we will share information about Circling, Men's Group and Women's Group, and other programming to come!

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