What we're about

Authentic Relating is a way to communicate, be, love and respect each other from a place of truth.

How we communicate shapes our world

Whether it’s with friends, partners, or coffeeshop strangers, our lives are a weave of the interactions we facilitate. Authentic Relating Games are a collection of extensively tested, led experiences that give players a hands-on taste of both the joy and skills of interpersonal connection.

A traditional Games Night has 10-40 participants, and takes you through a series of interactions that are designed to:

- Highlight and train body awareness
- Create deep connection
- Boost empathy
- Strengthen community
- Be fun!

(from https://www.authrev.com/ar-games/)

We describe it as "Playdates for Grown-Ups" for authentic connection and sharing. Practice vulnerability, honesty and listening. Explore new ways of interacting and being with other people.

Why? Because in a world where everybody is connected virtually, and virtually *engaged* to their mobile phones, we want to bring back the depth, fun and juiciness in real, human-to-human, face-to-face, body-to-body connection.

At Games Night you can expect opportunities to lean in to your edge in a social context and a safe environment. We have created relational games where you can find and explore the edge between "playing it safe" and showing up fully. The goal is to dissolve old patterns of behaviour that don't serve us, to connect more authentically and to release ourselves from fear while honouring our self.

Games Nights will be announced as soon as we found a space to offer them here in Edinburgh!

Then, doors open at 6:45pm and we start promptly at 7pm. We have a few agreements to set a safe container for the evening and will close the door just before those agreements. If you arrive after we close the door we ask that you come back another evening and be present for the agreements.

The suggested donation of GBP4-10 (tbc) covers room rental and meetup fees. We welcome donations above GBP10 from a place of gratitude and giving. We don't want anyone to be blocked from attending because of the cost, so please come and offer whatever feels right to you.

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Authentic Relating Games Night

Needs a location

Authentic Relating Games Night

Needs a location


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