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Come explore our humanness, how we relate, how we nourish, encourage and nurture through GAMES!

Authentic Relating Games for Families!

Imagine a world where we freely identify and express our emotional landscape, identify our needs and ask for what we need/want. Imagine fostering these skills as a family.

What happens when we feel safe to express the truth of our experience? What happens when we know our own yes and no from a young age? What is possible when we have deeply connected, trusting and intimate relationships with each other and our children?

These games help us:

~laugh and enjoy deep connection through lighthearted play
~identify our experience: physical, mental and emotional
~identify our needs in any given moment
~ask for what we want/need
~express ourselves more freely and fully
~develop a sense of our own yes and no and practice saying it
~witness others, inviting compassion
~share our experience, inviting vulnerability and free expression
~have deeper, more meaningful relationships, inviting intimacy
~build trust
~get curious, and tap into a natural sense of wonder
~play mindfully
~know ourselves better
~foster communities who relate compassionately, mindfully, creatively

Authentic Relating Games are playful, profound ways to engage with others more meaningfully. These games are designed to move us from surface level engagement to heart-rich connection simply and quickly. Come socialize in a creative and supportive environment! Expect to go deep, to challenge yourself, to laugh and to light(en) up!

We offer two kinds of events:
Authentic Relating Games for Families and Authentic Relating Games for Adults

AR Games for Adults are for you if you:
*have a desire to know yourself better
*are shy, reserved or if you hold back
*are a social butterfly and life of the party
*seek deeper connection with others
*seek creative instigation
*want some time in a creative, supportive environment
*long to have more interesting conversations
*are inquisitive or want to call on more inquiry in your life

What to Expect:
*interesting conversation prompts
*creative play
*opportunity to self-reflect
*opportunity to listen and witness others
*games that make us feel more of ourselves

AR Games for Families are for:

*families of all types
*children verbal 3ish-18y.o.
*parents (with babes): come witness and/or participate if your babe allows
*adults curious about emotional connection among youth
*adults who work with children
*geared toward children age 3-103

All are welcome. These games are facilitated by Jennifer Love, a white woman just getting to know about her privilege in the world and of those who have been and are currently being affected by systemic oppression and racism. I am humbly open to learning more about power, race, privilege and white-blindness. All are welcome to these events no matter what race, sexual orientation, nationality, social/economic status, spiritual or political belief.

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Authentic Relating Games~Intimacy

NE Cully TBA

Authentic Relating~Games for Families

Owl & Bee Clay


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