Authentic HeartSpace/Heart of Now Introduction


Price: $5.00 /per person

735 W 4th Ave

735 W 4th Ave · Chico, CA

How to find us

On W. 4th Ave just west of Warner St. It is a townhouse within a gated fourplex community. I will give gatecode after people rsvp.

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This will be an Introduction to Authentic Heartspace/Heart of Now. Authentic Heartspace Programs is what hosts Heart of Now and other healing/training Wknds in Northern California.

Authentic Heartspace/Heart of Now is the practice of building a safe place in order to share from our hearts. It is the opportunity to be authentic, vulnerable, honest, present and to engage in holding space for other's experience and emotional healing work. It is about inner exploration of what's most alive within us in this present moment: sensations, thoughts, feelings, needs, beliefs, hopes, dreams/visions, passions, etc. Essentially, it is the about the practice of Honesty.

First we will start with a check in circle where we go around and introduce ourselves. Then I will share about what Authentic Heartspace/Heart of Now is. Second we will go a little bit deeper into a few practices to build sacred heartspace (safe space) in order to do be authentic. Healing is a natural by-product of being authentic and honest.

In order to have this Introduction; there is a need for at least 3-4 people to Rvsp (not including myself). I will re-schedule events if there are less than 3 Rsvped. To learn more about this work; please check out the following websites: &

Currently, This is happening at my townhouse apartment. We are looking for rooms to rent in Chico; thus, soon it will be happening in more of a public environment.