What we're about

This is Hadleigh Suffolk based group and meetups will be held in Hadleigh.

This group is for people who appreciate being authentic as much in private life, as in public and professional spheres. During my adult life, I discovered that it is not easy to remain integrated and authentic in all private, professional and public circles at all times. Essentially, I found it detrimental to be authentic only at home and being inauthentic in the workplace - if one layer is rotten then the whole structure is in danger. Then life starts to lose its joy.

This Group is for people who are or who would like to be 100% happy in life. And happy times are possible as long as we are willing to acknowledge the precious gift which life truly is - but that depends on our willingness to see life this way, as we have a will to choose between unhappy and happy. I feel this understanding may be a chance for liberation.

Feel free to join if those values and philosophy are important for you.

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Paddy and Scotts Hadleigh (Cafe)