Circling Lab (all levels, donation appreciated)

Authentic Madison
Authentic Madison
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1400 williamson st. · Madison, WI

How to find us

Directions will be sent 24 hours before the event via email

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What's Going On?

We will do 2 circles as well as have some integration time. Snacks / Tea provided. Exact location and directions will be provided to the RSVP'd Attendees a few days prior to meetup.


Donations are very much appreciated as they allow me to keep doing these. Suggested donation is $10, but any amount is welcome. I also know what its like to be broke and not be able to do anything as a result, so please come and do not let money be an obstacle. This practice is for EVERYBODY. I am sincere in calling it a donation. If you are brand new to circling, please do not worry about any donation. Thank You.

What is Circling?

Circling is an Intersubjective Meditation Practice where the participants all sit in a circle and essentially have a "meditative conversation". One person will be the “circlee” and will get most of our attention. The facilitator (Alex) will serve two roles: (1) As an air traffic controller and (2) as a type of yoga “communicative/verbal posture” adjuster. We (the participants) will be holding an intention of getting what its like to be the circlee (empathy) and having a meditative type conversation on how we experience the circlee in the moment. All participants are welcome to chime in. With multiple participants, the circle can be pulled in multiple directions. Therefore the facilitator will prioritize a particular direction (air traffic control) or thread in service of what is most alive or present.

This practice is not therapy. We are not in circle to fix the circlee, commiserate, give them advice, or tell them how they should or should not be. Still, we acknowledge what arises for us and share impact. This helps us explore any shared reality. We do this by owning our experience (stating what is inarguable) and checking it with the circlee. If this sounds confusing, no worries, it will be the facilitator’s job to help you (2, verbal yoga adjustments). .

This practice can help you tune into the things that you’re missing day to day and tune into the elements that help you see others, discover relational blind spots, be seen by others, connect, create intimacy, and discover things about yourself that you might not have found in 20 years sitting on a meditation cushion alone. . In the end, circling is exploring your true nature and the true nature of others.

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