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Theme: Vulnerability and Safety
How to remain open and vulnerable while "protecting" yourself and feeling "safe" - especially during these times. We're going to explore what it means to be open and vulnerable, what it means to feel safe and protect self, and how these two relate/contradict/support each other. Maybe there will be surprises! :-)

I, Jason, am going to lean into my edge facilitating and go where I've never gone before... perhaps it's my own vulnerability and safety at stake here! I believe you'll get to know me more, if nothing else.

More important details for first time online attendees:

This public event is open to all.

Practice vulnerability, honesty, and listening. Explore new ways of interacting and being with other people .... all from the comfort of your home!

At Games Night you can expect opportunities to lean in to your edge in a social context and a facilitated environment. We have created relational games where you can find and explore the edge between "playing it safe" and showing up fully. The goal is to dissolve old patterns of behaviour that don't serve us, to connect more authentically, and to release ourselves from fear while honouring ourselves.

Please have the Zoom App ( downloaded and audio and video working. We recommend using a computer instead of a phone.
The virtual room will be open at 6:45pm and the event will start promptly at 7:00 pm (at which point, the room will be closed and locked).

Authentic Montreal is in a learning phase of transitioning events online so please be patient with us and each other as we learn together to navigate authentic connection with the help of technology.

The event is free.