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Authentic Relating Games are facilitated experiences that give players a taste of both the joy and skills of interpersonal connection.

Games help players tune into their intuitive truth and see the world through another's eyes, while discovering what else is possible in relationships.

Playing these games will challenge your ability to be present, listen, appreciate, follow curiosity, and to share and "own" your truth.

We are inspired by the work of the San Francisco Authentic World community, the Boulder Integral Center, Nonviolent Communication and Circling Events of Guy Sengstock.

So whether you're a personal growth junkie looking for another path of evolution, or you're just wanting more rewarding relationships in your life, come join us and play!

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AfrikaBurn Heartspace 2019

Needs a location

AfrikaBurn HeartSpace 2019: From survive to thrive AfrikaBurn set in the natural wonderland of the Tankwa Karoo, augmented by awe inspiring art, amazing people and of the chart music. It is easy to think that this is the Burn but if you listen to your soul and observe the reality that is created here you will realise that AfrikaBurn is much more it is a world of instant manifestation and insane synchronicities, its a world where people discover themselves and transform. After a while you realise we the attendees (burners) are the crew, we create the event, we create the magic, we create the art, the music. You realise that we as AfrikaBurn are creating an entirely new reality, a new way of being, a new blueprint for humanity where people express themselves in their essence where people give their greatest gifts for the joy of giving. Heartspace plays an incredibly important part of this culture. At heartspace we bring the connection to self, the deep authentic connection to each other and through this the connection to spirit. At heartspace we move together, we journey deep together, we cuddle, we cry, we laugh, we dance, we celebrate and we love each other and we transform ourselves, the Burn, Humanity and the planet. If you are called to be part this incredible experience then please pm me. We are looking for team members (Crew), Conscious DJ's, Workshop facilitators, Yoga teachers, Conscious Speakers, Musicians and more. For more info see https://www.facebook.com/events/583380595466876

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