What we're about

Looking to make positive, supportive friendships and creating more meaning, well-being and authenticity in every area of your life? Join at our next event!

What We’re About:

Authentic Self is a proven, evidence-based method to living your most desirable life. Our programs support the development of resilience and enable peak performance by cultivating meaning and purpose in our every day. Our method and coaches will support you in the important process of priority shifting, improved focus and cultivation of well-being. Learn more at https://www.authenticself.com/

Group Facilitator, William Jackson, PsyD:

William is a meditation teacher, clinical health psychologist, researcher, and Co-Founder of Authentic Self. William has spent the last 15 years teaching mindfulness-based meditation to groups and individuals and six of those years as a fully ordained Buddhist monk. In addition, William has trained in clinical applications of meditation and mindfulness practices including Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). To learn more about William visit: https://skillfulmeans.life/

During these regular meet-ups we will follow this general schedule:

1. Get Moving Warm Up (7-15min)- Brief stretching and movement regimen

2. Streamline Your Mind Practice (15min)- Brief mindfulness based meditation exercise to connect and cultivate focus

3. Live with Intention Exercise (20 min)- Live with Intention Worksheet

4. Accountability Sharing (15 min) - Pair with a partner to share values and top goals you will be planning and working on this week/month

5. Socialize (30 min) - Grab tea/coffee and get to know others in the group

Hope to see you there!

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Authentic Self Meetup

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