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most women today are facing challenging careers, especially in Dubai, and we would like to shed the light on certain aspects of the professional life from a Dubai based women perspective in particular and discuss alternatives, ideas of supporting women in reaching an emotional and social equilibrium while pursuing their professional/business dreams. We welcome you and any friend who can have a valuable input to our discussion or simply benefit from it, do not forget that we want to enjoy a small picnic so your snacks are welcome. See you all on Wednesday, the location will be posted very soon; meanwhile plz feel free to email me if you have a specific need/request Best Regards Fouzia P.S: For those of you who can't make it on this date and would like to take part of the discussion, plz email me and we might setup a skype call during the meetup for remote participants.

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This group’s main vision and goal is to contribute to the increasing awareness of women about the rat race, digital age, consumerism era and ageing pressures and their daily battle to conform to so many standards while facing challenges in juggling many roles.

A very demanding, fast paced life and image of the 'powerful woman' exaggerated by the media has left most women self-critical, self-demanding and constantly struggling to reach an equilibrium between what they really want to be and do versus what society expects them to be and do. In a world that increasingly puts more pressure on women, we need to be able to live authentically; be more in touch with our inner-selves and have the freedom and courage to lead our existence on our own terms & conditions.

The group will meet to discuss the main challenges along these lines. We will focus each time we meet on a specific topic of interest and debate its root causes, implications and ways to address it; we will be using different medias to communicate and can host also guest speakers at times. We aim to support participants (at the end of each session) with practical ideas and suggestions to implement.

We welcome women from all walks of life to join our group. We also welcome men who share the same view and/or want to contribute with a new perspective on the matter.

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