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Circling Evening
Join us for a Saturday evening to explore connection and aliveness. -What is Circling?- Circling a practice of trusting what is here. We'll explore relating and connecting using the 5 principles of Circling as guiding lights on a path to a deeper connection to ourselves, each other and life itself. So, we turn our attention to what it is like to be here now, together. Exactly as it is. And explore what is arising in the connection in each moment. We may do this through words, through our bodies or in silence. And within our trust of what is here we welcome any boundaries or 'no' that arises. In many of our interactions it’s easy to fall into habitual ways of being or ideas about who we are. This is an invitation to step into freshness and a real in the moment discovery of what happens when we meet as human beings. Check out this video for a taste: Circling offers a space to: - Open up to your natural state of presence and aliveness and discover that with others - Explore your authentic self and who you are beneath masks and habitual ways of being— meet others in their exploration of the same - Experience the deep nourishment of real and honest meeting by being with what is here right now and bringing that into connection - Explore the magic and mystery that unfolds when we pay attention This is can be both vulnerable and hugely empowering. The more deeply we can meet and own our experience, the more freedom we can have to live fully and be with the challenges and the beauty of life. Circling is also a powerful practice for growing as an individual — in terms of personal leadership, learning to give and really receive feedback, enhancing emotional range, embodiment, integration of disowned aspects (instinctual/ primal energies, shadow) and shining a light on blindspots. And also, Circling has within it huge potentials for realising our interconnectedness. Not in terms of a theoretical understanding or teachings on oneness, but through an in the moment exploration and direct experience of transpersonal states, accessed by being present with what is here now in self and in relationship to another and to the whole. In any group, there may be potential for conflict or opposing desires. In Circling, we explore these arising tension fields as powerful catalysts for growth with each participant invited to explore their in the moment relationship to these oppositions. This event will be led by Marysia Pstrokonska and Ksenia Belash Price: £15 Email Marysia ([masked]) with any questions, including concessions. Please pre-book as spaces are limited to 10 participants.

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Welcome to Authentic London.

We are a community based around the practices of Circling and Authentic Relating.

Circling is a practice of relating where we are paying exquisite attention to what’s already here, without needing to get anywhere or change anything. It’s a practice where we actively relate and explore - rather than talking or theorising about how to connect or what relationship or connection is. We also turn our attention to what is happening right now - right now within us and between us.

This gives us access to what is moving within us and can open us to our own state of presence and aliveness.

Here is a video to give you a taste:

We also play Authentic Relating Games which are structured exercises to cut through surface level interactions and into the juiciness and aliveness of showing our true selves.

If you have any questions, feel free to message Marysia (the organiser)

You can connect to us on Facebook via this link:

In this group, you’ll find links to our events as well as info and inspiration around these practices and other humans who are interested in this sort of thing.

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