MAY 18 ... Sensational Authors and Books - It's AuthorYOU SALONS on EARLY SAT


The heart of Springtime is here and May delivers a landscape of ideas for authors. Creativity is at its peak before the summer heat rears its head. Marketing ideas flow like a mountain stream. What's blooming in your word and book garden?

It happens at our AuthorYOU SALONs. See you Saturday.

AS ALWAYS, All gatherings start with a flip chart and a question: what do you need? The morning is then off ... who knows what paths it will take? Is there a book in the works? Are you stuck? Curious about the various publishing options? Ask your questions ... AND participate. The value of the group is to give, not just take.

The AuthorYOU SALONS participants are true masterminds. The SALONS will expand your projects and the breadth of your success. If you want to make your book happen ... here's the inner circle that has ideas and experience to kick start it, goose it and just get the launch started. Your answers are in the room.

There is no charge except your "fee" is to bring a healthy snack to share and some NEW socks (I'm a sock Ambassador and donate for homeless and kids who need them),, your ideas, questions, an open mind and meet other authors.

No question goes unanswered! --come at 9, stay til noon-- Warning: if you are a "no-show," you get two passes; after two misses, future participation will be based on availability.