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Are you an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor or Business Owner? How about an Author, Expert or Speaker?

Do you want to explode your business and accelerate your authority? If so, join us for Actionable Strategies and Tactics you can implement into your business and marketing right now.

Regardless of your business, industry, expertise; whether you are part-time or full-time, a beginner, intermediate or advanced in your field, you will get really valuable strategies and tactics that can be applied to any business.

Attend this Monthly Meet-Up and have your very own Mastermind Group each and every month. You will receive a short presentation on what’s working RIGHT NOW to 10X your business growth, brief question and answer period on the material then, along with the rest of the members, you will get live coaching on challenges, strategies and growing your business during your 15 Minute Hot Seat Sessions.

Fill in a Hot Seat application at the door (only those who want help with their business need fill out the application) with your business information, the specific challenge you face, or what specifically you need help with to build or grow your business, and if your HOT SEAT is selected you will get a Professional Coach and Business Consultant Help you with your business for 15 Minutes ON THE SPOT, and in front of the group. Then, you will hear from other Mastermind Members who also give their thoughts and solutions to your challenge.

Learn what to do for YOUR Business by being in the HOT SEAT, or just learn from listening to the advice given to other businesses during their HOT SEAT session. You will LEARN SOMETHING NEW each and every month just by attending the Meet Up.

This Meet Up is for you if you want help in:

• Implementing process and procedures into your business to Stream Line Operation

· Generating Leads and Opportunities so you can convert them into $$

· Defining and Understanding your Niche and your Ideal Target Market

· How to Grow, Build and Run a Real Estate Investment Company with No Cash, No Credit and No Partners – That controls over $10M in Real Estate and generates a 6-Figure a Year Income in 1-2 Years.

· How to Raise Money for Your Real Estate Investment Projects and Business

· Social Media Marketing Strategies that aren’t Salesy

· How to get your fist 1000 Blog Subscribers and Monetize your Blog

· How To Write a Book and Become a Best Selling Author in 30 Days or Less

· Sales and Conversion Funnel Strategies

· Creating an info product, course or digital product that makes you money online while you sleep

· Strategy for Selling High End ($5,000-10,000) coaching and services Online

· Creating and Launching a Podcast to grow your audience, authority and income

· Hosting a Live Webcast to Grow Your Audience, Authority, Leads and Sales

· How to Build and Profit from Webinars and Webcasts

· How to Build a list using various social media Strategies

· Facebook Live strategies – Take advantage of the LATEST Technology to grow an audience and convert them to sales

· Facebook and Google Pixel Strategy – How to follow your audience around the internet and position yourself everywhere they are hanging out.

· Re-targeting your website visitors using Facebook and Google so you stay top of mind.

· Creating Ethical Bribes that drive your audience to Take Action!

· Paid Traffic – What is it, how to do it, what do I need to know!

· Content Marketing – Build your business by giving value to your ideal target market while silently making them offers without their knowledge

· Search Engine Optimization Strategies – Find out where all the “Cool Kids” are hanging out so you can be there when they are looking for solutions to their problems.

This is a MUST ATTEND Meet-Up if you are Serious about Growing Your Business.


The Mastermind and Hot Seat Sessions will be facilitated by John A. McCabe. John is a 2 time Amazon #1 Best Selling Author (The 2nd Book took 11 Days from being just an Idea to becoming an Amazon International Best Seller in 6 Categories) as well as a serial entrepreneur, coach and consultant.

Being a university business educated Corporate Crony, John decided to leave that world behind and become a Entrepreneur business consultant who was instrumental in helping grow a Nisku Company from $1.5M to $7M in just over 4 years through the implementation of processes, procedures and a scheduling system that saved over $50k the very first month.

The recession of 2008 hit hard and John lost his contract on June 30, 2009. Fortunately he had just taken some real estate investing courses and went into Real Estate Investing by starting his very own business. On July 1, 2009 with No Cash, No Credit and No Partners, he grew his investment company controlling over $10M in Real Estate and generate a 6-Figure a Year income in just 2 years. After that John invested heavily in his knowledge of various online strategies, marketing, positioning, branding and attending a multitude of high level coaching and masterminds from some of the top marketers in the world.

John holds a number of certifications that include the fields of

• Publishing and profiting from being a best selling author

• Creating, Directing and profiting from Live Webcasts and Webinars

• How to become a highly paid consultant

• Creating and Distributing Content to Accelerate your Authority

• Numerous Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Strategies

Since 2014 years John has partnered with his long time Real Estate coach and mentor and co-founded Canada's first National Rent To Own company, operating in 15 Cities from Ontario to BC. During that time John has also written and published 2 Amazon Number 1 Best Selling Books, created and sold a Real Estate Investing System and Biz Op Model making over $100k from 3 Live Webcasts, selling over $35k of systems from one 60 min webinar and thousands of dollars of info products using strategic online sales funnels.

John is launching an Entrepreneur Incubator where Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Investors, Business Owners, Authors, Experts or Speakers can come and work on their business getting help, getting coaching and consulting, having access to the latest strategies, using the Video sets and equipment for creating videos and webcasts.

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