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You’re probably wondering, “Why another Las Vegas writers’ group?” This city already has several great groups to choose from, but Authors’ Row is a little different. Here are just some of the things that set us apart:

1. No member dues. Some writers’ groups can be cost-prohibitive. You shouldn’t have to make financial sacrifices to receive helpful feedback on your writing, and that’s why it’s always free to be a part of the Authors’ Row community.

2. Less pressure. Some writers’ groups can be intimidating, requiring you to provide hard copies of your work to numerous participants for red-pen scrutiny. As beneficial as that process can be, it’s not for everyone. We take a more relaxed approach, allowing you to read your work aloud in a friendly, nurturing discussion group.

3. Valuable collaboration. Authors’ Row isn’t just a weekly writers’ group. We’re also developing a podcast, a website, and an ongoing series of story anthologies — and that’s just to get started. If you’re looking for ways to promote your work alongside other talented writers (for free, of course), you’ll find plenty of excellent opportunities here.

4. Lasting friendships. Authors’ Row isn’t just about writers giving feedback to other writers. We offer members the chance to make friends, hang out, and create lasting memories. In addition to our weekly discussion groups, we’ll be setting up occasional social outings, including trips to restaurants, bars, movies, pool parties, and more.

The Authors’ Row Mission

To foster a safe, positive environment where writers can receive constructive criticism and encouraging feedback.

To build a fun social community in which contributing writers feel like family.

To use all the resources of the internet and digital media to give aspiring and established writers a voice and a platform.*

*Note: This will not require any financial contribution on your part. You will always be able to take full advantage of Authors’ Row without contributing a cent.

Who Should Join Authors’ Row?

Authors’ Row caters primarily to writers of novels, novellas, short stories, and non-fiction books. All genres are welcome, and the group is open to all skill levels. Published, unpublished, self-published — this community is for you. Here are just a few of the genres that we cater to:

• General Fiction
• Historical Fiction
• Religious Fiction
• Non-Fiction
• Fantasy
• Sci-Fi
• Western
• Horror
• Thriller
• Chick Lit
• Romance
• Paranormal Romance
• Erotica
• Mystery
• True Crime
• Suspense
• YA
• Children’s Lit
• Biography
• Travelogue
• Memoir
• Self-Improvement
• Humor

Screenwriters and other non-book writers are welcome to attend and receive feedback, but please bear in mind that the community may not be able to give you the kind of productive feedback you’re looking for.

How It Works

Attend one of our meetups.

Decide if you’d like to read your work aloud or just offer feedback to others. If you’d like to read, make sure to bring a copy of your work (hard copy, laptop, phone, whatever works best for you). Every reader will be limited to 10-15 minutes depending on the number of readers in attendance.

Order some food and/or a drink if we’re meeting up at a restaurant. Since they’re being generous enough to give us the space, it’s the least we can do.

Give honest feedback to the other readers. After each reading, we’ll go around the table and share our thoughts. Be specific and offer helpful guidance, but keep it friendly and constructive.

Laugh, make friends, have fun, and kick ass.

Because the goal is to maintain an environment where writers feel safe and encouraged, please be advised that any agitators, malcontents, curmudgeons, snivelers or all-around d-bags will be removed from the group swiftly and without consolation prize. In other words, let’s all be cool and have fun.

If this all resonates with you, please join us at our next meetup!

Past events (8)

Authors’ Row Meetup @ Panera

Panera Bread (Boca Park)

Authors’ Row Meetup @ Panera

Panera Bread (Boca Park)

Authors’ Row Meetup @ Panera

Panera Bread (Boca Park)

Authors’ Row Meetup @ Jason’s Deli

Jason's Deli

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