Low Energy Presence Detection System

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Low Energy Presence Detection System

Beacon Presence Detector System

I while ago I presented my over-all Internet of Things (IoT) project which encompassed from devices (things) to the analytic cloud-based system (Microsoft Azure).

This week we will take a deep dive into the Beacon presence detector subsystem. We will check out how an off-the-shelf beacon can be used to identify individuals as they enter and exit a space.

The solution utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy beacon, Raspberry Pi-s. MQTT Broker, Emic2 Text-to-Speech Processor, ESP8266, etc…

Although GrandPooBah is a wonderful guy, and the members love to hear him talk about myself. This meeting is not about him!!!! Some say GrandPoohBah ask advanced questions just to show how smart he is. (most just moan, enjoy the paradox).


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We encourage questions about any subject and help direct members to appropriate materials or training. We regularly encourage/supplement self training and seek facilitators.

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