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Looking to get a group started of like-minded individuals that are interested in sharing their personal growth as a sensitive/intuitive person.

The purpose of this group is to find common ground in our community so that we don't have to walk the life of an introvert alone. The goal is that new friendships will allow us to happily thrive in our personal life, professional life and social life.

This group can be your sensitive-friendly place to make friends, have fun and find support and encouragement.

If you think you're sensitive, or intuitive, or have been called introverted or shy, or are an NF in the Myers Briggs world (INFP, INFJ, ENFP, ENFJ), come join me!

THIS IS A NEW GROUP (10/2018). Please feel free to comment as to any suggestions for meetups. MeetUps can be Hikes, Coffee, a game of Hoops. Feed back is greatly encouraged.

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