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Are you an open hearted and spiritually kind person, and looking for a space to grow, become more enlightened, and expand your consciousness? Awaken, is a spiritual development group where we focus on awakening our mind, heart and soul and expanding into the highest expression of our life's work. Every group is different, but always starts with a guided mediation and ends with affirmative prayer. We have respectful and soulful discussions about spiritual principles. The environment is safe for authentic self-expression. The dynamic is alive and open, meanwhile grounded in respect, compassion, trust, and acceptance. We do different exercises and activities that help us open to a deeper spiritual process. The vision for this group environment is safe and respectful, one that values every person's unique contribution by responding with an open heart, open mind, offering respect, heartfelt interest, and appreciation. If you are interested in being a part of this awakening, please simply contact Sophie with your whole-hearted "YES", and we will "Awaken" from there!

A little about the group leader...

Cheryl Smith has been on the Awakened Path since 2014. It came unexpectedly after taking a tech position with a Business Coach that had a large number of metaphysical business owners for clients. This opened Cheryl's mind up to concepts she had avoided previously because of the MK Ultra, MK Monarch and Cult Religion programming of her childhood.

After recognizing her own metaphysical abilities and connections, she left the tech field and began connecting with her true calling in the study of energy and energetic tools for wellness and well-being. She is certified in Spiritual Alchemy and is working with the Alchemical process for concentrating ORMUS, which is a study in itself. She is an energy healer and volunteers for the healing service at the Metaphysical Church of the Palm Beaches in addition to working with her own clients.

Cheryl is drawn to assisting people new to the Awakening process as a fellow traveller pointing out the many landmarks on the journey. Her objectives are to release Fear-based programming, nurturing the Inner Child and releasing Karmic contracts by resolving the lesson. She consults clients through the use of crystals, energy readings, meditation, tarot and oracle cards, dousing and the Keys of Compassion. Cheryl also speaks and holds classes that are beneficial to Awakened Souls.

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