Rock READING Divination

Awaken The Magic Within You!
Awaken The Magic Within You!
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Every 2 weeks on Tuesday

My Happy Place

10605 Larksong Ct · Manassas

How to find us

The white house right before the cul-de-sac. parking available alongside the driveway or in the cul-de-sac.

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IMPORTANT: Private online sessions are available for $55 for 90 minutes. Please contact me for available times.


- A rock/stone, the size of a grapefruit that you personally picked. Please ensure that is not a river rock, smooth surface kind of rock. Dents, lines, crevasse will allow for a better reading.
- A notepad and pen

How would answers to your most burning questions could change your life?
What if there was a way to take charge of where your life is going and really put the equation of intention + asking the right question to work, to Create and Manifest like a badass? What if YOU are the most powerful psychic of all times? The most magical Merlin that ever existed?

I am here to tell you that there is a way, it’s called “shamanic divination” and it can give you answers to all questions you may have. The power of knowing is within YOU!

The definition that comes closest to describing shamanic divination is: "the art and practice that seeks to discover hidden knowledge by the interpretation of omniscient information given by the non-ordinary, all-knowing compassionate helping spirits."

Rock reading divination has been used for centuries by our ancestors and all the way up to today’s modern world. This form of divination allows us to create a link in between humans and the Divine and assist us with our life challenges.

Based on my background in sociology-psychology and the understanding of the human nature, I am an expert in framing clear questions, but the INTENTION is the backbone of all ethical shamanic work. I have my own personal methodology, to help you create perfectly clear questions, that you do not have to prepare ahead of time, however if it’s a “burning question” I assume it’s been on your mind for a while ☺

Please be prepared to do your own work, as no one, and I mean NO ONE, can decipher better than YOU what you really need at any given time. The true wisdom lies within you, and the all-benevolent spirits will help you bring that wisdom out. I will also assist you in finding the meaning or the interpretation that better suits your present needs, if there is confusion in your own understanding of the reading.

I am honored to walk this lifetime's journeys alongside YOU!

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