What we're about

To know thyself is to heal thyself-knowing how your energetic body operates can have a profound effect in all areas of your life.


This group is for women who are ready to learn how to take charge of their emotional and physical well being by exploring alternative and holistic healing methods such as energy healing work, chakra work, meditation, relaxation methods, etc.

This group was created to support other women who are on a similar path to becoming healthy and whole while creating a community where we can support and learn from one another.

The goal is to provide the group with the resources, tools and strategies they need to continue their ongoing healing process without having to do it all alone.

As a nurse, educator and healing arts practitioner myself, I will be offering monthly workshops where I will share tools, strategies and healing modalities as a way to help women improve their emotional and physical lives.

How is this possible?

The mind body spirit connection can be strengthened through practice, therefore making it easier than you think to have a life with increased joy and have harmonious relationships with family and friends.

During this series of workshops and energetic healing salons you will learn simple steps and methods to help you recognize when you are out of balance and how to quickly and easily bring yourself back into alignment which will transform not only yourself but also others around you in a positive way.

Understanding your own energetic body can and will influence all of your actions!

During our time together we'll explore topics like:

• How to Balance Your Physical and Emotional Energies by Understanding Your Chakra System.
• How to Manage Stress in Your Daily Life with Specific Essential Oils.
• How to Accelerate Your Health and Healing Process with Crystals.
• How to Let Go of Painful Emotional Patterns with Energy Release Work.
• How to Reduce Stress and Pain in The Body with Meditation and Relaxation Techniques.

And so much more...

I look forward to connecting with you in person at one of our upcoming meetups.


~Teresa Morris RM, CCM, RMT

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Ahiah Center For Spiritual Living Pasadena


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