Full Moon - Woman’s River Bath

Yoga, Breathwork and Cold Water Immersion -AwakenLaVita
Yoga, Breathwork and Cold Water Immersion -AwakenLaVita
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Full Moon - Woman’s River Bath
Harnessing our feminine power with our Madre Luna watching over us
With the intention to create sisterhood and awaken the Goddesses within 🧜‍♀️❤️.

Join us for breathing exercises and cold water immersion in the Boulder Creek. We will cover the basics first, then start the breathing exercises, jump in the creek for a minimum of a minute, and finish with some exercises to warm up our body temperature. Please bring a towel, yoga mat, swim suit, and dry clothes and smiles.

She believes we can all tap into the power of our minds, our true potential can be explored by going within.

Location: Behind Golden Library at Clear Creek River

Suggested donation: $10 - $20

If financially unable to donate give what you are able and still come.
This medicine is available and accesible for everyone.

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