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Welcome! This group is about getting to know to the deeper realms of your psyche in a balanced, natural way to help you access your multidimensional gifts and awareness. The Awakened Dreamer knows dreams and the imagination are not foolish; they are doorways to inner wisdom and power! When we take the time to explore these inner realms, we experience the gifts they can offer: creativity, higher guidance, clarity, intuition, healing, support for our goals, and problem-solving. Plus, it’s just fun!

All who are interested in exploring how to work with dreams (including lucid dreams, precognitive dreams, healing dreams, and other extraordinary types of dreams), astral projection / out-of-body experiences (OBEs), or other similar altered states of consciousness are welcome. This group offers a place where like-minded souls can connect, offer support, and exchange ideas and techniques related to exploring these topics.

(Just what is an OBE, anyway? Simply defined, an OBE (out-of-body experience, also known as astral projection) involves the sensation of one’s consciousness leaving or floating outside of the body and then returning.)

You do not need to know how to work with dreams or how to astral project in order to participate and benefit from this group. If you are an experienced dreamer or astral traveler, that's great too! Or perhaps you have had powerful dream or astral travel experiences and want to learn how to gain more control over these. If you fall into any of these cases, there is something this group has to offer you. Each meetup, we will have a general topic of discussion and members have the opportunity to share experiences and receive feedback. Anyone interested in these topics is welcome to join, given that they participate in our group discussions with respect and tolerance.

I also offer classes throughout the year. Please see the calendar of upcoming meetups for more information. Classes have fees, which are listed, and discussion groups are on a donation/love-offering basis, no fee required.

This is a positive group that focuses on natural and safe techniques and approaches for working with the power and inner wisdom or dreams, developing astral travel skills, and other similar states of consciousness. This group originally started with a focus on OBEs exclusively, but I decided to combine and expand this topic to include dream work and other similar topics, as these states of consciousness are so closely-related (some would say lucid dreaming and astral travel are the same thing!).

The truth is, most people do not value the wisdom of their nightly dreams, nor take the time to recall them. This group and its members recognize that dreams are a powerful doorway to the deeper self, and dream work skills can be cultivated. Many people one Earth are now are reawakening to the relevance and power of these beautiful gifts! We also recognize OBEs as another exciting way to develop and expand our consciousness, and skills for practicing this intentionally can be developed as well. Furthermore, OBEs are quite natural, part of the normal range of human consciousness, and more commonly-experienced than you would think!

Group Guidelines:

1. This is a group for exploring safe and natural techniques to induce OBEs, ways to work with dreams, and other similar topics. We will not be focusing on the use of drugs or chemical substances for this purpose in our discussions. No "drug talk" in the group please.

2. No harassment, bullying, disrespectful comments, or monopolizing of the group will be tolerated. The organizer reserves the right to remove you from the group if she judges your behavior to be inappropriate or harmful to the group.

3. According to many experts and authors on the subject, exploring astral projection is not recommended if you have severe mental illness, a history of psychosis, or any significant heart disorder.

4. Let's have fun exploring this fascinating topic together! (Yes, I included fun as a "guideline", lol!)

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